Thank you for choosing CAKE REALTY to help you sell your home. At CAKE, your satisfaction and happiness is something that is very important to us. I understand how hectic it is to sell a house and how it can be difficult if it’s not handled properly. To help you through the entire process, we have put together a 5 Step Guide.

Step 1: Decide to Sell

There is often excitement in the air when the decision is finally made to sell. Seeing yourself in a new home or a new place can be energizing.  Hiring a CAKE agent is the first step to get the most out of any market. It’s not always possible to time the market when you need or want to sell. At CAKE, we pride ourselves in keeping up to date with market trends and provide our clients with current market data needed to make informed decisions.  In an upward trending market, we help you capitalize on the multiple offer process. In a downward market, we will help you come up with selling strategies that beat out the competition.  When you list with CAKE, you can rest assured knowing that we have your back.

Sometimes, deciding to sell the family home, is not by choice but is made by some need.  Regardless, hiring a CAKE agent can help reduce the stress and make the whole process much smoother. Each client gets a one on one consultation and a personalized plan of attack.  Most homes are lived in and will require extensive de-cluttering, cleaning and maintenance. Sometimes the home is already ready to go. Other times, the home may be sold in ‘as is’ condition. Contact CAKE direct at (905) 939-9321 for your free one on one consultation today.  

Step 2: Hire an Agent

There are thousands of real estate agents, so how do you chose one that’s right for you? At CAKE, we only hire trained professionals who are very good at their job but who also are client focused. We understand that our role varies with the needs of the clients.  Whether you are a seasoned home seller or a newbe, we have a level of service that is right for you. Are you selling and buying locally? Are you moving abroad? Do you want to sell and rent? Do you want to sell to an investor and rent your own house? Regardless of why you want to sell, we can help you get it done!  Contact CAKE direct at (905) 939-9321 and we would be happy to come over and have a chat about the sale of your home.  

Step 3: List your Home

Now that you’ve decided to hire CAKE REALTY you are off to the races! At this point, you are either ready to go to market or you are just starting to get your home spit and polished.  If you are ready to go to market, we will provide you with the listing documents and a marketing plan.  Otherwise, we will help get your home ready for the sale.

The Listing package includes the following documents:

  1. The listing contract
  2. Working with a Realtor pamphlet
  3. Buyer Agency Contract or Customer Service Contract
  5. Showing Instructions Sheet
  6. Listing Checklist

There is a big payback when you set aside time to get your house ready for the sale.  Sometimes, the decision is made to do a weekend cleanup.  Other times, the property undergoes months of rehab.  Regardless of all the things that can be done, the three most important tasks are the following:

  1. Clean and Declutter inside the house
  2. Paint and make minor repairs
  3. Cut the lawn and remove weeds

Tackling “your STUFF” can be overwhelming so ‘do not be shy’ and make sure to let your CAKE REALTY rep assist you as needed.  We can give you advice, narrow down what’s important, and find the right professionals.  The day the sign goes on the lawn you will be relieved, excited and proud to show your house off to the world!  With a great virtual tour the best features of your home will be showcased and before you know it, you will have an offer in hand. Contact CAKE REALTY direct at (905) 939-9321 today for a FREE evaluation of your home.  

Step 4: Negotiate the Offer

When you work with an experienced CAKE REALTY Representative, you protect yourself against the changing market.  All our agents are trained in the art of negotiation which involves knowledge of historical and current data, mediation and communication skills, and cultural awareness.   Not all offers are equal and that’s where your CAKE REALTY Representative comes in. If you are not familiar with the legal structure of the standard forms, the types of clauses, or the terms of an offer, your rep will guide you through.  If the offer is far from how you would like it to look, your rep will help you through the process of getting the deal you want under your own terms.  If the market is hot, your CAKE REALTY Rep will help you set up a multiple offer and bidding war. If it’s not, your CAKE REALTY Rep will help you develop a tailored strategy to compete against other listings.  In any market, you will confident, that at CAKE we have your best interest at heart.

Step 5: Close the Sale

Home Evaluation


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